Privacy Policy - CelebrateBanking.com

CelebrateBanking.com (hereinafter referred “CB”) treats all information received from its users in a responsible manner. CB collects the following information about the user (hereinafter referred “you”)

1. Information given by you directly, using the corresponding form on CB web page at the time of registration. Generally, this is personal information including: full name, e-mail address, mobile number and so on. CB stores this information only after you confirm submission by clicking on the appropriate button and after agreeing to use the website in terms of the agreement for usage. This information is used exclusively to provide CB services (for example, to send notifications of banking /investment related matters to your e-mail address). CB always ensure that you have the opportunity to refuse these services, as well as edit or delete any personal information provided during the use of these.

2. Cookie files are files which contain a small amount of data transmitted by a web host to your web browser, which are then stored on your computer's hard disk. These files are used by CB to identify you during subsequent website visits, making the interface and site navigation easier for you. In other cases, CB saves in the cookies anonymous auxiliary information which is in no way tied to your identity. You may at any point forbid your web browser from accepting cookies. However, you should take into account that this may cause the incorrect functioning of some CB services.

3. Each time that a visitor uses CB services, our servers save information about this use to log files. These logs may also include such types of information as: the IP address of your computer, text, as well as the request time and date, browser type, etc. Data from log data is used only for statistical purposes for the improvement and maintenance of CB services. CB pages may contain links to other Internet websites, which may in turn collect information of their own, save their own cookie files, etc. We do not control these sites or their privacy policies.

4. CB uses the information that you provide only for the purposes described above. The usage of this information for any other purpose is possible only with your consent, which will be explicitly obtained via your e-mail address or mail message.

5.CB and its employees take all measures which are under its control and correspond to modern technical standards to safeguard its users' personal data.

6. CB constantly monitors for compliance with the rules described in this Policy .In the light of the Internet's rapid growth, as well as our desire to constantly expand our range of services while maintaining a high level of privacy, changes may be made to this Policy. If such changes are made, CB will publish amended version of the Policy on the webpage.