Celebrate Banking

Your life is to build a home; not a house
Your hard work is to earn and enjoy life; not to repay a loan
Life is a play of twists and turns; so is financial life
CelebrateBanking.com simplifies your financial life
CelebrateBanking.com makes banking, financial planning and investments simple and pleasant
Celebrate Life; Celebrate banking and investments through informed decisions

Why Celebrate Banking?

 Awareness of the best offers is as important as awareness of own strengths and weaknesses in a financial decision
 Timely decision to switch the institution or product makes your financial life better quite often
 Know Your Investment Product (KYIP) before an investment decision
 Loyalty is always good in life; sometimes in financial life
 Know Your Bank (KYB) before a banking decision

CelebrateBanking.com arranges under one umbrella

  •   Various charges
  •   Various financial calculators
  •   Rate of interest for deposits
  •   Comparison of various banking products
  •   Rate of interest for loans and advances
  •   Articles on banking and investments and much more
  •   Matters to be considered before banking or investment decisions
  •   Detailed eligibility calculator for housing loans, car loans and personal loans
  •   Features of various investment products like mutual funds, insurance, fixed deposit products

How it Works

Our research team follows the changes happening in banking and financial sector in general and in banks, financial institutions and investment products in particular.

The details in our sites as updated as and when such changes takes places so as to function as a single reference point for banking products and investments

Comparison modules on interest rates and various charges at a single point become useful while taking financial and investment decisions

Concise articles in layman’s language on various banking products, investment opportunities, mutual funds, Insurance products etc function as referral points.

Detailed user friendly eligibility calculators for various loan products based on general practices and trends being followed by banks and financial institutions are provided, which enable you to understand various factors considered while sanctioning such loans.