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Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme (SGB Scheme)

Sovereign Gold Bond scheme is an investment scheme announced by Government of India. The scheme is open for subscription from Monday to Wednesday of every week from October 09, 2017. The SGBs are issued for a period

Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

Legal Entity Identifier is a global standard to identify distinct legal entities that engage in financial transactions. What are the features of Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)? Legal Entity Identifier is a key measure to improve the quality

Chip Embedded Debit and Credit Cards (Chip Cards)

Debit cards and credit cards have revolutionized the banking and payment industry. The volume of financial transactions settled through cards has overtaken payments through cheques and currency in many countries.  Along with increase in the volume of

TReDS-Trade Receivables Discounting System

Trade Receivables Discounting System(TReDS) is the first attempt in India to introduce automated  system driven factoring service for the MSMEs. In Trade Receivables Discounting Systems, factoring service can be availed of by MSMEs without recourse.  What is