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Filling up of a blank cheque need not be material alteration

Reference Order by the High Court of Gujrat in the case of Nikhil P. Gandhi vs. State of Gujarat – CDJ 2016 GHC 071   Back Ground:  The applicant was an ex- Managing Director of a company.

Marketable Title of Property and Derivation of Title for 30 Years 

Banks accept immovable properties such as land, land with building and apartment with marketable title as security for the loans and other credit facilities sanctioned to various borrowers. Securities are insisted to ensure that the banks recover

Matters to be considered while purchasing land or house

We have seen the process involved in ensuring the legal title of a seller in the article  How Do We Ascertain The Clear Title Of The Seller Of A Property? There are certain other precautions to be

Purchase of a property: How do we ascertain the clear title of the seller?

A house/flat in own name is the most cherished dream for majority of Indian families. Owning a house is a celebration. There are many laws that protect the rights of the purchaser of a property. Even then,